By Camilla Schramek @CAREClimate

As the world addresses urgent climate change issues this week at the 22nd Conference of Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Marrakech, Morocco, the identification and implementation of solutions is progressing.

 Setting Climate Action Objectives for Pursuing the 1.5°C Target,” a new report released by the Stanley Foundation in Marrakech, identifies strategies that can help global emissions decline by 2020 in order to reach the 1.5° C goal. Drawn from a roundtable at the Stanley Foundation’s 57th annual Strategy for Peace Conference in late October, it also outlines the transformative changes needed to enable COemissions to fall to zero by 2050.

The report underscores that climate action can be taken by those at national and local levels, as well as by cities, regions, businesses, and investors. It also examines where the policy landscape is headed over the next few years, with a particular focus on key milestones in 2018. 


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